Surviving a rescue!

Marko Yurachek is a climber and wilderness guide who works in Alaska most of the year. He also works with the National Park Service and Military, instructing in Vertical and Helicopter Rescue. In addition he teaches Wilderness Medicine, and Extended Remote Pre Hospital care to Emergency Service Providers and Medical Schools. He has guided all over the world, and has been teaching SAR operations in all types of environments for more than 20 years. He was also honored to speak at the Gaia Conference at the University of Iceland last year.

Surviving a rescue! 

120 rescuers from five organizations attempted to rescue a fallen climber in winter conditions. Several rescuers needed to be rescued as well. The climber (Yurachek) died twice during the rescue. The presentation is a talk and slideshow of a winter rescue, where a helicopter should have been used, but was not. This resulted in an 8 hour carryout through mountain terrain. The story is told from the climbers perspective. Yurachek fell from a 45 meter high cliff, but wedged 1/2 way down rock face. He had extensive medical injuries, six broken vertebrae, open Iliac fractures, pelvic fracture, broken arm, sternum, ribs, face, teeth, tension pnumothorax etc. The decision was made that it was a body recovery, so no air evacuation was used, however he came back to life. He returned to train the rescuers. This resulted in multiple changes in the rescue protocol for the organizations involved.



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